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Get the most out of Figma. Create future-proof layouts and design systems at scale.

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Hi, I’m Eugene 👋

A few years ago, I decided to switch to Figma. Learning by poking around is limiting and inefficient, so I looked for a short guide to quickly get at least as efficient as I was before. I found nothing but a few long video courses, which are not my preferred format. Instead, I began reading everything I could find on Figma and, well, poking around and experimenting.

In 2019, I started a regular newsletter so I can share things I learned about Figma. That research became a foundation for this book, as I recorded and organized the best tips and recommendations. Even if you’ve been using the app for a while, chances are you’ll learn a few things and save time in the future.

Look at the Table of Contents below. Every topic was thoroughly researched and explained in-depth:

  • Learn the power of shapes and Vector Networks.
  • Create resizable layouts that adapt to changes.
  • Construct intricate Components based on a few core principles.
  • Keep projects consistent by reusing Styles.
  • Use real data in your design mockups.
  • Export assets and avoid surprises with SVG.

Get the most out of Figma, and enjoy the book!

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
    1. State of Design Tools
    2. Why Switch to Figma?
    3. Browser vs. Desktop App
    4. Interface
    5. Color Spaces
  2. Basic Elements
    1. Move Tools
    2. Shape Tools
    3. Vector Editing Toolset
    4. Boolean Groups
    5. Masks
    6. Fill, Stroke, and Effects
    7. Text
    8. Exports
  1. Creating Layouts
    1. Tidying Up and Smart Selection
    2. Groups and Frames
    3. Constraints
    4. Layout Grid
      Sample Section: Layout Grid and Constraints
    5. Rulers and Guides
    6. Auto Layout
    7. Pages
    8. Links
  2. Building a Design System
    1. Components Updated with Variants
    2. Styles
    3. Team Library
    4. Version History
  3. Working With Data

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What’s inside?

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What readers are saying?

As someone who spends all day in Figma, I was surprised to learn a good dozen things from Designing in Figma. This all encompassing guide is practically the 2020 Figma Bible. It’s a must-read for both experts and hesitant users wanting to dip their toes in the Figma world. Eugene delightfully teaches the reader both design and development fundamentals, from squircles to code smell, he’s crammed it all in concise 150 pages. Read it now and learn from one of the most consistent content wranglers in the Figma community.

Photo of Brendan Miller Brendan Miller
Design Director at Cloud City Development

If you’re looking to get started in Figma, look no further than: by @efedorenko.

Photo of Femke Femke
Product designer at Uber

With Designing In Figma, Eugene has drawn on years of his own experience to put together this “missing manual” for Figma. It’s a concise and approachable book, clearly written for anyone who wants to learn about this wonderful design tool.

Photo of Adam Brock Adam Brock
Founder of Figmatic

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